When You Love Something So Much You Want to Tell The World About It

Have you ever loved something so much you just want to tell the whole world about it?

Maybe it’s a new restaurant in town you discovered, an incredible movie that deserves all the attention, or a life-changing book that you know will impact other peoples’ lives in a positive way. When I get excited about things, I want to share them with everyone that might benefit from them too. About two years ago, HoneyBook became one of those things for me. Today I want to tell you a little bit about why!

HoneyBook has drastically transformed the backend of my business in a such a way that I’ve been able to streamline and automate tasks and offer a better service to my clients in the process. I often feel like I have an office manager doing work for me while I’m out on shoots or enjoying a family dinner!

When you are a business owner, time is money. You hear that all of the time right? Cliché, yes, but it becomes truer and truer the more invested you become in running a business. Not only is time money, but time is also a limited resource and we only get so much with our loved ones. So many people quit their 9-5 for a life of freedom to be chained to a laptop 24/7, checking emails on vacation and sneaking in work on the go when we’re technically “out of the office.” I admit I’m guilty of the workaholic epidemic that comes with chasing your dreams under your own company name (sometimes it’s hard to stop when you love it so much, like putting down a good book when you need to go to bed!), but I believe so whole-heartedly in this product, and here is why:

HoneyBook has helped me make HUGE steps towards balance in my life and free up my time to do two powerful things…

(1) Love + serve my clients in a more personal way.
(2) Cut down work hours and spend more unplugged time with loved ones.

“So what exactly is HoneyBook and how has it helped you do this,” you may be asking me?

HoneyBook is a software that runs the entire back-end of my business. From the very first moment, someone clicks “CONTACT” on my website to the delivery of the services I offer, HoneyBoook helps me stay organized and on top of things so I never miss a beat. Here are just a few ways it is making my both my life and my clients’ lives easier!

  1. Automatic Inquiry Response
    As soon as someone fills out the inquiry form on my website, they get an email immediately to let them know what to expect next! From my office hours and usual response time to some quick links to answer many of their questions while they’re waiting for my personal reply.
  2. 5 Minute Contract + Invoice Creation
    I went from custom typing, printing, and mailing every contract and invoice in about an hour to selecting a package and price and sending it over to my clients in minutes! They can sign + pay immediately on their phones (I’ve literally booked clients within 2 minutes of sending contracts out in the past, crazy!). They love being able to cross things off their list faster. No more lost checks and contracts in the mail or headaches for my busy brides and grooms!
  3. Automatic Payments + Payment Reminders
    Let’s be real. I’m here to document stories and collecting money is not an exciting thing to talk about. Brides and grooms have a million vendors to pay and multiple payments to remember on top of their growing to-do list. HoneyBook allows my clients to set-up automatic payments if they would like, or they can get payment reminders by email when the next one is coming. Now I never have to bother them for these things. I get to focus on the fun stuff during our conversations, and they don’t have to stress about forgetting when their payments are due!
  4. Workflow Automation + Task Management
    One of my personal markers for serving my clients well is reaching out to them for the next step before they ask. I like to make sure they are cared for and not having to ask me what’s next. When I have a templated checklist of all the things I need to make sure I do for them leading up to their wedding and following the big day, it helps me to make sure nothing falls through the cracks! I can even set deadlines for myself based on their wedding date. For example, I like to schedule our final details meeting about 4-6 weeks from their wedding, so I set a reminder to reach out around the two-month mark.
  5. Personalizing Through Questionnaires
    HoneyBook allows me to send my clients questionnaires that help me serve them better and capture their unique love story more fully! From the initial booking process to engagement session planning and final details for the wedding, I get to ask them all kinds of fun things about themselves and their relationship. Sometimes I can use this kind of information to pull more of their true personalities out in front of my camera, and sometimes I can use it to send them personalized gifts! Who knew automation could enhance relationships and experiences? I’m not so much a techie person, so this was enlightening for me!

You guys, I could go on, but there is just so much to tell. If you’re hungry for more about this amazing tool that has blessed my business and my life, I’m co-hosting a webinar with Katie Deloach, my HoneyBook product specialist, today! I’m explaining more about how HoneyBook allows me to Work Less, Make More. Then Katie is diving in to give us a tour of the product!

Join us tonight, June 6 at 5:30 PST / 8:30 EST. Click here to register for the free webinar! All attendees will get 20% off and a free 14-day trial to test it out themselves!

Seeing this blog post after the webinar? Comment below or email me to request another one, or we can even set up a one-on-one call with a personal demo!

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