Can I Tell You A Secret? I Hate Being Vulnerable

They say that a dead blog is worse than no blog at all. They say that the irony is that when you’re “too busy” to blog, you look like you’re not busy at all. They say blogging is good for SEO, and you should always be updating your site for some good “Google Juice,” as I like to call it. The truth is, they’re right on all counts. The other truth is that sometimes seeing the micro consequences of not doing the right thing in one corner of life can have macro consequences in the big picture, so sometimes it’s okay to set what the experts say aside and look at that big-picture view before trying to do “all the things.”

I thought long and hard about whether or not to write this blog post, because well, it’s vulnerable. Can I be real?

I hate being vulnerable.

Anyone else with me? But vulnerability connects us. We need to feel like we’re not the only ones with hard days behind the highlight reels of social media. Am I right? Does that mean we overshare our personal lives? I don’t think so. I believe there is a balance between falsely appearing perfect online and also being careful about what we publicly announce to the world. That middle-ground is tricky to find, but we can strive for it. This post is my striving for the middle, so here it goes…

Sometimes crazy storms in life come our way even when we are working so hard to do all the right things. It happens to the best of us. That happened to me last year. I’m sure it’s happened to you or someone you know at some point too, and just maybe you are reading this and feel like you can relate. When the rainy season came, I decided to take some time away from the overly-busy life, blogging included, to pull back and refocus on what mattered most: my faith, my family, and the wonderful clients I had in front of me. Prioritizing allowed me to continue delivering on every single one of my promises while also cutting down on work hours for some much-needed weather-proofing.

I had a lot of really incredible brides and grooms in 2016. Looking back, I’m so happy I pulled back on some of the extra business goals I had to serve them well during a tough time. Even knowing how hard some of my weeks were, I have fond memories of those wedding days I photographed. All of the time I got to spend with my clients and all of those happy moments were my escape from one of those storms that hit my life. I just can’t thank them enough for (unknowingly) being that source of joy when I needed it.

Now that I’ve had some time away from this little blog home I’ve missed, I’ve come back with so many lessons learned and a newfound purpose in my business. Here are some things I plan to focus on in 2017.

  • Balance + Focus
    • I used to set goals and run towards them! This year is all about a steady jog with a little more clarity.
  • Purpose.
    • I’ve always been full of ideas but sometimes jumped on them without realizing they aren’t part of my purpose. Moving forward, I will run everything through my “purpose filter” before I say yes to opportunities or starting a cool new project.
  • Increased Quality + Speed
    • Editing wedding photos is one big job, so it takes time! I am constantly thinking about how to do this better and faster, and this year is no different.
  • Carrying out The Wedding Experience to the product-ordering stage by offering some exciting new services.
    • I’m excited to be sharing a bit more about this in the future, so you’ll just have to stay tuned for that!

I’ve also hired someone wonderful to help me expand my ideas and bring them to life. I can’t wait to introduce you to her tomorrow and share what she’ll be doing around here.

Be on the look-out for a little introduction and interview soon!

Hugs + Happy Monday

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