New Intern Welcome!


I’m excited to welcome Sara, my new intern at Jenna Joseph Photography! Sara initially applied for the intern program last year, and unfortunately we couldn’t take her on at the time since she wasn’t 18 yet. Well, her birthday came last December, and low and behold I get a lovely email in my inbox from Sara that she’s about to be an official adult and wanted to see if I had any openings. I love persistence, and I couldn’t help but meet with her again to chat about it. The fact that she had kept me on her radar and was so serious about being a part of my journey as a wedding photographer really made me feel she was passionate and dependable – I love working with people like that!

Sara will be joining me once a week in the office to learn more about running a photography business behind the scenes. I’m excited to teach her a little bit about WordPress, blogging, social media marketing, photography technique, and more! Last Saturday I spontaneously invited her out to a proposal to shoot with me, and we had so much fun meeting at the crack of dawn and driving to San Diego to capture this beautiful couples’ proposal (can’t wait to share this whole story soon!).


I’m excited to be inviting Sara to more shoots in the future so she can shadow me and learn more about lighting, posing, and all the fun stuff like making people feel comfortable behind the camera.


Here’s a little snippet from Sara about her love for photography and why she wanted to intern:

“Photography fascinates me in that it allows you to capture moments in time that I don’t want to forget. My favorite aspect of photography is the emotion it evokes in people when they look at photos. I hope photography will teach me the technicalities in taking amazing photos as well as how to see light in a whole new beautiful way. I believe having a better understanding of photography will allow me to get a head start on a career I aspire to have in media or journalism. I sought out interning with Jenna Joseph Photography initially because of how impressed I was with her images. Then as I started meeting with Jenna, I realized how much I have to learn on the business side of things. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to experience everything Jenna has to offer!”

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