One Year of Marriage + Our Wedding Video

Wow, I feel as if time keeps speeding up as I get older. From Justin’s proposal to the day of our wedding felt like a blink. Now we’re already celebrating one year of marriage together, and I can’t believe it’s here. Looking back, there are so many highlights of our first year of marriage. I thought I’d share my top five.

Top 5 Highlights Of Our First Year Of Marriage:


1. Honeymooning in Hawaii

Clearly, staying in Maui for a week would be one of the best times of our marriage, ever. It definitely made the list for the first year.

2. Moving into our first home.

This is the place we began building a marriage. It was our own space, a place we could hang photos of our wedding and honeymoon on the walls, and it’s where we had friends over for dinner and movie nights (even if there wasn’t ample seating). It will forever be our first little home together, and It’s bitter-sweet that we’re moving down the road soon!


3. Traveling as a married couple.

We’ve traveled together before, but being able to stay in vacation homes and hotels with your “husband” is so much more fun than going to separate rooms at the end of the day. It’s fun getting dual invites to places, since everyone sees you as one person now! Traveling to Sedona, AZ for an engagement session and leaving Justin to write music in the vacation house while I scouted the beautiful red rocks is one of our favorite memories of the year!

4. Our first holidays.

What’s more to say? We love spending the holidays together, and now that we’re married, we always will! Juggling which meals to do at which family members’ homes will be a new task to manage, but I think we’re doing pretty well so far!


5. Doing daily life.

Let’s be honest.. selfies on the way to the mall, movie nights, cooking at home, Justin wearing my stretchy, fuzzy socks, convincing him to come into the grocery store with me (once in the whole year!), it’s all those moments we’ve loved most of being married.


And now, without further ado, I’m excited to share our wedding video! It’s fun to look back on this incredible day, and it’s so amazing we had it captured. Thank you to Kale of Nearly North Visuals who filmed our wedding and allowed me the joy of editing it! I’ve watched it a thousand times over and I still get teary-eyed, but of course, I’m very bias!


Be sure to view in full screen, click “HD,” and maybe listen in with headphones to get the full experience!



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