Big Bear Engagement – Brittany + Nate


This story is a special one. This is my cousin Nate and his fiancé Brittany. I’m typing this up as I’m about to head over to Brittany’s house to help them set up for their wedding tomorrow. Nate and Brittany both have quite the back story, so it’s even more exciting to see that they’ve found each other. They both have made it to this point in past relationships. They’ve been married and hurt in the process. So up to this day, they have been so careful and wise about which direction to go in. I could try and tell their story, but Brittany does it so much better than I ever could…

“Because of everything we had gone through in previous relationships, we entered this one with caution and focus on what the Lord was placing on our hearts. From the moment we met we felt an instant connection that well… we tried to fight with the fear of getting hurt. But the more time we spent together the more we let those walls down and allowed our love to grow. 

How we me was kinda interesting. Janae (Nate’s sister) had been friends and a bridesmaid in Brittany’s sister Stevie’s wedding a few years prior. Janae and Brittany had known each other for years yet, Britt and Nate still didn’t know of each others existence. Brittany and Nate went to high school together and shared mutual friends and still had not met. It just shows the importance of right timing. In 2014 Brittany’s roommate (Erin, friends with Nate’s roommate Jordan) invited her to a BBQ at his house. Thats when it all started.

At the end of the day, there really isn’t much to our story. We met, we hung out, we listened to God, we obeyed, we fell in love, we are getting married.”


Brittany really wanted to get married in the mountains, but logistically it was easier to have a wedding closer to the friends and family they wanted to share it with. So we brought the mountains to their wedding with their engagement session.


We headed to Big Bear, and where better to start than Big Bear Mountain Brewing Company? Brittany and Nate are a very laid back couple who enjoy going out to eat and seeing new places. Beer is always high on the list for Nate when looking for something to pair with food. He even brews it on occasion as a hobby when he isn’t at work, so this was a perfect first-stop for the afternoon.






I made them down the rest of their drinks, so we could hit the snow in time for some glowing light! We headed over to the tall, evergreen trees and were instantly giddy with the sight of white powder everywhere! Us Californians don’t get to see this much!








I may have made them throw snow so many times their fingers almost fell off…




After freezing them out with ice in their bare hands… I decided I’d give them a break and we drove over to the lake! The snow hadn’t hit there yet, so we got some pretty field shots and caught the sunset just in time! We did blast the heater in the car the whole 10 minute drive over here!












I love Brittany’s blue sapphire ring with the diamond halo. So unique and so pretty.


I have to end this blog post with this – a quote from Nate’s sister Janae’s recent Instagram post after their engagement session images went out….

“I just have to tell the world how proud I am of the man my brother has become, and the woman he is choosing to spend the rest of his life with. When you find the right person for you, your life gets more fruitful. Simple things mean more, complicated things fade away. Your life will blossom with more love, your close friends will become closer, your close family becomes closer. My brother is a simple guy, he doesn’t need a lot of attention or acknowledgement, but when he loves, he LOVES. Maybe this is why I have been so protective over him through the years. Because I want to make sure the love and commitment he is GIVING, he is GETTING in return. I can peacefully and happily say that my protective sister duty is done. He found someone who loves and supports, and gives him the attention and acknowledgement that he doesn’t ask for. I could not be happier for them.”

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  • Alexandria

    I’m in LOVE with these photos!!!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Parler

    Thank you for sharing this! I am so happy for both of them! I love that Nate is so happy! He deserves someone to love and to be loved by someone. I am sure she is very special…to be marrying my special cousin Nate! Sorry we can’t be there for your special day! EnJoy! We will be thinking of you!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Parker

    P.S. Jenna, you take lovely photos! These are beautiful and will be great memories for them to have! Love you!ReplyCancel


      Love you too, Cheryl!ReplyCancel

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