Sunrise Corona Del Mar Beach Engagement – Hannah + Erik


Meet Hannah and Erik. They met in high school and have been together ever since! Hannah and Erik were connected with me through mutual friends of her mom Alison, and I came to learn that Hannah’s mom is also a photographer, so I’m really honored that they decided to have me capture their special day! I quickly realized how great these two were in front of the camera when we got to the beach and they were striking up their own poses and looking ridiculously cute in every photo. Hannah explained she had a lot of practice, and her and Erik were often models for her mom back in the day. 🙂 Thanks for getting them ready for my camera, Alison! They’re amazing!


Hannah was really drawn to the beach, and since Erik likes to go fishing, she incorporated that into their session! We decided that the beach on a Saturday would be best at sunrise when no one is there to bother us (it gets pretty busy here in the evenings, as you can imagine!), so we braved the early morning and came out at sunrise! I was up bright an early at 3:45 AM to make it to these OC waves before morning light. I have to say that the drive was a bit exhausting, but then the moment I stepped out of the car my heart started racing at the sight of the sunrise coming up over my favorite beach in all of California. It was 100% worth all of the hours of sleep missed, and I would do it all over again!!



Look at how Erik looks at Hannah after all of these years still! This photo makes my heart melt.








We loved the cute and casual outfits with the fun fishing poles and tackle box! But it was time for pretty clothes and heavenly light, so Hannah and Erik changed into their second outfit. I loved her dress!!



You can tell by the way these two look at each other that they’re best friends!


They laughed a lot at our session together. That makes me happy, because I love photographing laughing and happiness. I can tell their wedding is going to be a lot of fun!!


They’re even super photogenic when I pull them apart for individual photos! Look at those smiles!






We got so many great photos, I told Hannah we would wrap it up and I’d let them go home (I could have stayed all day!). As we were walking over to grab our shoes by this cave she said something like, “We should jump up there and stand in the cave!” Ummm…. if I say we’re done and someone asks for more, I don’t complain! Not to mention, it was a fantastic idea! So we made Erik take some more photos, and he happily agreed. I love these ones, and I’m so happy Hannah was cool enough to think of them!



After they got down, I noticed the sun was being cut off at an angle by the cliffs in the distance and producing this amazing light, so I made them take more photos again!!! AND THIS… this is my favorite of the whole morning!!! It looks like they’re walking into heaven (I’m so cheesy).


Hannah and Erik, thank you for braving the morning hours with me to catch this incredible light! It was worth it and so much more! I can’t wait for your amazing day at Secluded Garden Estate in March!!!

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