My Sister’s Senior Portraits at La Jolla Cove


Meet my sister, Janie. She is class of 2016 senior, and the youngest of my parents’ six kids. Crazy to think she is turning 18 in a couple weeks and the last kid in the house! And yes, I said six kids. Four of us are married, and come December, two of them will be young single adults. We all grew up under the same roof and it was as crazy as it sounds. My mom eventually reverted to labeling Christmas presents by our number rather than names. I was #4. We all start with a “J”, so no one can keep our names straight anyways!


For my sister’s graduation present, I did her makeup and took her down to San Diego for senior photos. I’m no makeup artist, but I think I did okay for my limited experience! We chose two outfits (and she borrowed my shirt!). We started with casual and then she changed into a long flowy dress for the beach area.




This view in La Jolla never gets old! I may need to add it to my ocean photo collection for a wall collage I’m starting to work on. My living room is starting to subtly tie in beach vibes (thanks to my Caribbean raised husband!).



The dress was clearly my favorite part of the day. And I’ve always wanted to shoot at this corner in La Jolla. It went perfectly with the colors and textures!





We may have stopped in front of some people’s houses, and possibly got some evil stares out the window, but that’s what you get for living on the same street as the beach! And for having a garage door that matches this dress…



We hit the beach, and let me tell you, it was not as deserted as it looks. There were tourists everywhere, and a wave almost took me out with my camera! My camera and I survived, but my black suede flats didn’t! Lesson learned. Never wear suede to the beach again. Oops!




The seals joined us for our shoot, so we had to stop and get a photo.  Then we walked over to the little sandy beach area as the sun set and caught the last couple of moments of light during high tide!




Wish my sister luck during her senior year! Crazy to think we’re all grown up now!

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