A San Diego Beach Cliff Proposal – Natasha + Christo Engaged!


Natasha and Christo have been dating about 4 years, so this special day has been in the works! Christo met Natasha in college. They didn’t have any classes together, but Christo saw Natasha on campus and wanted an opportunity to get to know her. Lucky for him, they had a mutual friend who shared a class with her, and when they finally had the opportunity to meet, it was all downhill from there!

When Christo first called me and asked that I capture this special moment for him and his then-girlfriend to remember forever, I wanted to know all of the details. He explained that he had a vision that they’d walk up to a picnic by the ocean and it was there where he would propose. Then he wanted to have a limo pick them up and take them to a beautiful resort down the road where their parents would be waiting to share a special celebration dinner with them. I think it was that last part that really got me, and I was so excited for Natasha and how perfectly her fiancé had planned their beautiful evening. I couldn’t wait to meet her and document this amazing night for them!


Christo and I met the day before to plan the surprise for Natasha, and I was the lucky person who got to set it all up for them! He came with everything ready to go – a dozen red roses, a cute little picnic basket filled with love notes they’ve saved over their relationship, and even a little bottle of bubbly to celebrate the proposal as the sun set in front of them! How thoughtful was he to do all of this for her?!


They walked up to the picnic setup right on time, and I was just a stranger sitting at a distance. Natasha was surprised and couldn’t stop smiling. They talked for a while and she went through all of the things Christo carefully planned for her.




By this time I knew Natasha would have an idea of what was going on, and I thought she might notice me taking photos, but she was so mesmerized by the amazing moment she was having that she didn’t even glance over at me once! Christo finally pulled the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee, and I got the chills! It was such a cute moment to witness!






I love Natasha’s classic and elegant ring. Christo did so good!






Then they did a little toast to celebrate!



After they had some time to soak up what just happened, I introduced myself to Natasha and we took a short walk around the area for a couple photos of them together!





They look so happy together! This is one of my favorites!




The sunset was unreal that night! We were all hoping the rain didn’t come down to San Diego that day, and not only did it stay dry but the clouds decorated the sky beautifully!


They sat and watched the sunset alone for a little while, and then Christo and Natasha walked up to find a limo waiting for them! She was so surprised!



They drove down to a stunning resort and sat on the balcony together. It was just moments after they arrived that both of their parents came around the corner to surprise Natasha, and she was SO happy to see them!





Christo, you did an incredible job planning this night for Natasha, and I was so happy to capture it all for you two! Best wishes to you as you plan your wedding and enjoy this amazing season in your lives! Soak up all the blessings to come!!


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