Mini-Vacay – Caribbean Island Adventures


If you don’t already know, I’m married to this really amazing guy and have some really amazing in-laws. Justin and his family grew up in the teeny-tiny country of Trinidad and Tobago, two sister islands right off the coast of Venezuela at the very southern tip of the Caribbean island chain. His father, who lives in California near us, is filming a movie here, and they made a trip out for pre-production and location scouting. We got to come with!


Justin has been here about two weeks, but since the trip was in June (wedding season) I met up with him for a few days between the weekends. Still totally worth it! Justin’s cousin Jonathan and girlfriend Cilina are really into photography as well, so of course, this called for a day of exploring with our cameras. We made a trip to Chaguaramas, a beautiful, deserted town that the US Military used to have a base on back in world war two. Our destination – “The Bamboo Cathedral.”




Though, by the time we reached this said “Bamboo Cathedral” I realized it wasn’t actually a cathedral. It was these incredible rows of tall bamboo, which people call “The Bamboo Cathedral.” I would have taken photographs, but the rain came in pouring buckets, so I handed my camera bag to my sister-in-law Jamie, who had an umbrella, and Justin and I went dancing in the rain.

Jonathan and his girlfriend Cilina felt so bad that our adventure got cut short from the rain. He said he saw us turn around, drenched and makeup running, but we were laughing and smiling; our reaction was the last thing they had expected to see. It just reminded me of how often the rain comes in and pours, and how happy Justin and I both get! It rained on our wedding day, and we couldn’t have been happier. It’s the beauty of rainy days that remind us that we are sometimes totally without control of life, and realizing that is so freeing.



After the rain stopped, we headed out to the beach to avoid the traffic on the way home. There are so many stray dogs out here, and they are all so sweet! They just want you to give them some of your food. We didn’t bring any with us, but we had love to share with this little one, so she followed us around until she got bored with us.:)





Today is our last day here, and we have a full day of flights home on Thursday! Though I flew across the world just for three full days here, it was so worth it. Can’t wait to be back here with our extended family. Until then, I’ll miss the warm rain and the slow pace that gives me peace amidst my fast life.

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