Holistic Skincare and Makeup Artist Raeleen B. & Co.

A few days ago I went into the beautiful Raeleen’s studio of Raeleen B. & Co. to get my makeup done for my very own engagement session. Yes, I’m getting married too! I showed up, and she had this super cute box full of goodies for me. Raeleen has become a good friend in the wedding industry, and it was so neat seeing all of her great products from her Etsy Shop right in front of me. She even included a sweet little note to remind me what all the goodness does.



How cute is that little jewelry box on the right? The jar on the left is a multi tasking powered to exfoliate your face or body. She added a cute little glittery feather just to make it pretty. 🙂



This beauty balm is perfect for cuticles, hands, feet, or dry skin. And it’s so cute too.



Made with love, this all natural, organic deodorant contains only natural ingredients and essential oils, keeping you healthy and fresh!



I love this sweet lavender pillow, perfect to throw in the dryer with your clothes to make them smell fresh and pretty, or you can keep it in a drawer.



I think my favorite of all was this little recharger! I’m coffee crazed over here, so there’s nothing like a nice little healthy way for a mood enhancer mid-day when I’m powering out the last bit of emails and editing.




I love my cute little box! Thank you, Raeleen!

If you want to find any of these little goodies, head on over to her Etsy Shop or contact her through her website. She also does amazing bridal makeup, so if you’re a bride, she’s your girl!

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