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It’s only been about a year since I’ve had the blessing of starting to mentor new photographers and aspiring entrepreneurs. It all began with one-on-one DSLR training sessions, which blossomed into mentorships. I still have so much to learn in my career; don’t we all? If you ever get to a point in life where you think you know it all, you’re just inhibiting yourself from new opportunity and greater things in life. The beauty about art and science (yes, photography is science!), is that there’s never an end to the things we can discover.

I’m excited to continue learning, but I also have a lot to share. I’m looking to give back, to inspire, to encourage. I have a passion not only for photography, but also for marketing, business strategy, media management, and teaching others. If you’re looking to build a career in any field of art or entrepreneurship,  I’m looking for YOU. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, a musician, or just love business in general, we have a lot in common. Let’s pursue our dreams together.


So you have questions? Let me answer them for you!

-What will I be doing, specifically, as an intern?
There are currently a couple different internship opportunities available. What we will do is start by identifying your career goals (don’t get too worried about this if you’re not sure yet, you can always change them!). What we want to do is give you specific tasks that will help refine your skills and knowledge in either photography, business, marketing, or media management. Tasks might include things like managing the blog for the studio, social media accounts, submitting to publications, assisting weddings, etc.

-Is this a paid internship?
It is not, but you will have logged hours and are able to receive college credits for your internship if you’re attending school. You will also be eligible for a letter of recommendation and may add your internship to your work experience on applications. I may be looking to hire for positions in the future, and interns will be a top priority if the person is right for the job.

-How much time is required, and for how long?
I’m looking for someone who will commit to a six-month internship at a minimum of four hours per week. If you feel the desire to come in more frequently, you are more than welcome.

-What kind of experience do I need to be selected?
No experience is necessary. This is all about a learning opportunity.  What is required is passion, determination, and integrity. One could be taught all the skills in the world, but without character, it’s useless. I’m looking for personality over knowledge. 

Where will the internship meet?
I work out of my home office in Murrieta, which I love! It’s so nice having a workspace right above a kitchen with some homemade coffee (yes, I’ll make you a cup!). You don’t have to live in Murrieta to intern; it’s up to you how far you’d like to commute. If you are interested in assisting at weddings, they can take place all over Southern California, but these will be planned far in advance.

Did I miss your question? Leave it in a comment below, and I’ll be sure to answer!

Here is what Kia has to say about her photography mentorship with Jenna:
“Jenna has not only been an amazing teacher but also an amazing friend to me. She is incredible at explaining the various techniques and methods found in the photography world. She met me right where I was and helped me lay a foundation to build on. I am so grateful for everything she has taught me and everything I continue to learn. Her passion for her work and for teaching others becomes more and more apparent the more you spend time with her. It is rare to find someone who not only knows their craft but can teach it so well to others.”

What Jamie has to say about her internship in the studio:
“Everyone only has good things to say about Jenna, and I am so honored I got to experience it first hand! Not only was she so fun to intern for, but I learned so much from her. I think it helped better prepare me for the hard work and organizational skills needed to pursue my photojournalism passion. Anyone who has a love for the arts and creativity should definitely intern for Jenna!”

If you would like to apply, please send an email to I’m looking to start interviews right away! I can’t wait to meet you.

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