New Photojounralism Intern – Welcome Jamie!


This growing business has been such a tremendous blessing. I’m still so eager and excited to continue my education (for life, because “a great leader never stops learning” – Dave Ramsey), but as this business expands, I’ve been humbled by the amount of requests I’ve had for internship opportunities. Taking on an intern is a big responsibility, so I pushed it off for a while. I was recently so moved by the persistency of Jamie in her request to come and learn alongside me. That being said, I’m so excited to announce her as the studio’s very first intern!

When I asked Jamie what she wanted to do as an intern and what her career goals were, she really sparked a new idea in my mind. I’m a huge advocate of focusing on strengths and building a team with unique talents. Jamie is a writer at heart and is pursuing a degree in photojournalism at APU starting this fall. She has a love for reading and writing and also an interest in the visual arts like photography. I’ll be training her to assist me in media management, blogging weddings, and eventually she may be working on crafting the perfect submissions to publications for the studio!


Here’s a few words from the lady herself:

Photojournalism has become an aspiring passion of mine—and what better way to become educated in this artistic field than with a professional photographer like Jenna Petersen? When I first realized this was something I really wanted to make into a career of mine, I immediately sent Jenna a text message saying, “I want to intern for you!”

It was that simple. With other competitive photographers in this small town, I knew that none  of them compared to the sophistication and talent that Ms. Petersen  consistently utilizes. I am ecstatic that Jenna is allowing me to participate in this amazing opportunity to learn various interests of photography, which include: social networking, submitting to publications, media management, and photojournalism itself. 

Being Ms. Petersen’s first intern, I am determined to please and leave a great impression for future interns that would like to devote their free time in exchange for a unique and personal education on various topics within the photography business. I am most looking forward to learning the effective skills needed to become a successful photojournalist, such as: time management, professional camera techniques, and professional blogging. Jenna is not only professional on the scene of photo shoots, but also behind the scenes with all of the hard work that goes into making photography a beautiful and unique business, which is why I’m more than happy to intern for Ms. Petersen in this wonderful opportunity of becoming educated in this field. 

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