Sean + Natascia – Proposal at the San Clemente Pier!


Wednesday evenings are usually the nights that Natascia and her girl friends get together for a weekly bible study in her apartment. This week, they planned a girl night at the beach. Their usual Wednesday evening study would still take place, they just moved the location down to the soft, warm sand and the sound of crashing waves. After gathering around a blanket and having their girl time, they headed to the shore and get their feet wet. Minutes later, a bottle washed up with Natascia’s name handwritten in it.



Shortly after the bottle washed up and she read the poem, she wondered what was next. Where was Sean? She started looking around to see if she could spot him, and a friend came walking up from a distance. In his hand was the second poem for her to read.



He then suggested to her that she might want to start walking up the pier. Ecstatic and eager, she began making her way. But before she could find Sean, she ran into another friend waiting for her.


He handed her a third poem, and she read it in her foggy haze of sheer excitement. “Where do I go now?” He smiled and said, “Ummm, I think you should go that way…” as he pointed to the very end of the pier. So she kept walking.


And then, she saw him.


After the proposal, all of their friends went off to hang out while the three of us took some engagement photos during the oh, so wonderful magic hour. May I recommend to EVERY guy out there, that getting your girl to somehow dress up for your proposal and then take engagement pictures immediately following is the BEST thing you could ever think of?! Not only are you capturing that precious moment of both yours and her excitement when you get down on one knee, but you’re also capturing how ecstatic the both of you are for that next hour of dreamy, happiness when you’re on cloud nine. I mean, how could you not get the most precious images ever?! I love the emotion captured. So genuine.


Sean and Natascia, I can’t wait for your wedding day this July! It’s going to be such a special memory and such a joy to capture it. I’m so excited that I get to share your day with you!

For those of you who want a little more of the story, I made a quick little reel. I didn’t plan to shoot video, nor did I plan to edit this! However, I got the idea after working on the still photos, and despite a couple “technical flaws” that some of my artist friends will notice, I absolutely love the video and had to share! I’m thinking this could becoming a new thing I do! Video proposals! How exciting! If you’re interested in having me shoot your proposal in either video or still photography, email me at 🙂


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