Puppy Love – A Girl and Her Dog


Meet Dom. He’s soft, fluffy, full of love, and ADHD’d out to the max (yes, I make up words). We love him nonetheless. 😉

This shoot culminated from a special friendship, a STUNNING unused flower crown from another shoot, and a super cute puppy that needed to get in front of the camera. Recognize Yuli? Oh yes, she is quite often on my blog. If you don’t know why don’t ask. I mean, why not? She’s also one of my bridesmaids in my wedding!! More to come on those details later. For now let’s talk about this super cute little guy.


He has a name, but we like to call him “Puppy.” It’s just way cuter. And his face always has an “are you kidding me?” look, which just adds to his abundance of character.


Did I mention yet, that this was a sunrise session? Oh yes, that’s right. We woke up { dark } and early for this one, and met when the sky was still a hazy violet color. Freezing is an understatement, but we had too much fun to care. Not to mention chasing Puppy around this forest setting like a wild animal. Oh, but he looks so calm and serene in the photos!



This stunning floral crown was made by Carla Kayes with Enchanting Blooms who also happens to be my wedding florist. I could seriously sing her praises for days. If you’re a bride you NEED to book her. Not only is she incredibly talented, detail oriented, and extremely knowledgeable, she also has a huge heart and is such a blessing to work with. You will see much more of her work on my page in the future, as we have a faux wedding shoot in the making later this spring!


Please don’t blame me for the insanely gorgeous light. I couldn’t help but catch it in my camera in the strangest of ways. Tell me I’m odd. I don’t care.


I’m slightly jealous of Yuliza’s always-perfect hair. If you live near Temecula Wine Country, check out her fabulous stylist at The Color Lounge in Murrieta. Make sure you make an appointment with Alyssa Reyes!


When I asked Yuliza how she found Dom, she told me there was no special or cute story. Her brother’s girlfriend got him as a gift to her brother, and Yuliza basically adopted him as her own. Then she said these super sweet words and I had to share them. Dogs really are a special blessing from heaven. 🙂

“He never leaves my side. He insists on sleeping under my bed, and insists on gong with me anytime I go anywhere. It’s one of those things where you don’t understand how much a pet can change your life until you have one, especially a dog. He’s faithful and loves unconditionally. Truly a furry best friend.” – Yuli


Floral Crown: Enchanting Blooms

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