Chasing the Sun – Griffith Observatory Visit

Today while location scouting, I got a last minute idea to check out Griffith Observatory.

It was beautiful. The only twist was that my idea came right before sunset, and I was over an hour away. When I finally arrived, the sun was already falling below the horizon with a bright, fiery-orange glow.



Darkness is not a photographer’s friend. Still, I had my fun with the camera. My sweet younger cousin who joined me for the adventure was there to help me with test shots. We watched the sky fade from cyan to dark blue as the city lights twinkled in the distance.


After the sky went black, I played with my flash by bouncing it off the white walls behind me to illuminate Hanna’s face. The front of the building made a beautiful backdrop for night pictures as well as the city lights below us. I’m thankful I have such a pretty cousin to come adventure with me. Location scouting is so much more enjoyable when you have a subject to photograph. Thanks Hanna!



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